ProPharmace Launch Free COVID-19 staff training programmes

In order to support those returning to pharmacy practice, as well as students who have expressed interest in working on the frontline, ProPharmace is offering the opportunity to access two FREE short courses. The first is aimed at supporting the safe and effective deployment of pharmacy students within community pharmacies, while the second course is an overall refresher for those returning to practice.The mode of delivery for the above courses is through webinars, which are available to access on the ProPharmace website at the following links:

Noma Al-Ahmad, ProPharmace Managing Director, said:

“We are aware of the immense pressure community pharmacy is under. We also realise that those who have put themselves forward to join the frontline of pharmacy professionals need every bit of support they can get. As a training provider specialised in developing educational programmes for the pharmacy workforce, the least that we can do is offer these courses for free. We have moved very quickly to present these two programmes in the form of webinars with an aim of accelerating learning and providing some of the essential skills required in a short period of time. These are challenging times for anyone working in community pharmacy, and we hope we can actively contribute to ensuring that any student or returning practitioner entering a community pharmacy during this time is aware of the challenges they may face”.

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