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The challenges faced by pre-registration trainees during the COVID-19 pandemic have been unprecedented. Not only have they had to work through an extremely challenging period, but with the GPhC’s announcement of the postponement of the registration assessment and the introduction of provisional registration, this disruption to training has left pre-registration trainees with much uncertainty and many unanswered questions.

Some of the most common questions include:

What will the new exam format look like?

Will the exam be online?

What tasks will I be able to perform as a provisional pharmacist?

The GPhC have released statements to reassure trainees that they will consider disruption to training, and have advised trainees to focus on supporting their pharmacy teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have also provided guidance for common scenarios which trainees and tutors may be facing: Click here for guide.


At ProPharmace we recognise the impact that COVID-19 has had on trainees and tutors and how pre-registration trainees have stepped up to the challenge to support their pharmacy teams and patients in these very challenging circumstances.

We also recognise that trainees will need support during this time, and for this reason we will continue to share some of the most important learning topics with pre-registration trainees via their VLE. As much as we value face-to-face training, whilst this is not possible we are advising trainees to make the most of the online learning that’s on offer. Whether it is webinars or livestream sessions, this is an opportunity to adapt to online learning. Should the format of the exam change to an online assessment, we would like to reassure pre-registration trainees that we will be supporting them with the new format.

Although the delay in the registration assessment has granted a much needed extension to allow trainees to focus on what’s important now, the past few weeks have shown why being up to date with learning is so important. The fact that pre-registration trainees will be able to join a provisional register when they have completed their training, for which the GPhC will be providing further guidance, means that they will have to accelerate their learning to ensure they are ready for this role.

Follow this link for more top tips from Noma Al-Ahmad, ProPharmace Managing Director and Aamer Safdar, Education Training & Workforce Development Pharmacist at NHS Barts Health.

We sincerely hope that our tips are useful suggestions and give pre-registration trainees a sense of direction for the next few months ahead.

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