About ProPharmace

ProPharmace is a leading pharmacy training provider that delivers targeted training for the pharmacy workforce. Our innovative and robust learning solutions empower pharmacy professionals to deliver the highest standards of patient care – a common goal that lies at the heart of our profession.

We are proud of our track record in delivering pharmacy training to thousands of pharmacists nationwide. It is this commitment to bringing about individual and organisational success that drives us and steers our long-term vision.

Our Services

At ProPharmace we realize that pharmacy is an ever-changing, dynamic profession. Our team, with its extensive experience and vast skills base develop learning solutions to keep pace with the changing face of pharmacy. Our enthusiasm and ingenuity allow us to constantly strive to provide a superior training experience. Our flexible approach has enabled us to work successfully both in the UK and with global clients delivering great results. We take pride in providing succinct, quality training programmes and unique resources.

Our Values

We impart our values in every step, from inception to design through to delivery. The basis of these values is summarised in the following:

Expert Knowledge

Our training and resources are developed and delivered by experts in their field.


We are committed to supporting you throughout your learning journey.


We invariably endeavour to use innovative ideas as well as learning technologies to enhance the ProPharmace training experience.


We are driven by bringing you results.

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