Launching Pre-registration Induction training

We’ve always known that the first few weeks of a pre-registration training year are the most daunting for both trainees and tutors.  Although we’ve been providing training to tutors about the steps that should be taken to ensure trainees are inducted well, we know that sometimes the busy nature of day to day pharmacy practice can get in the way of an effective induction period. This is likely to be more apparent this year due to the pressure managers are currently under as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve also been listening to trainees and know that trainees are usually anxious about starting work in a new setting. Those first few weeks can be overwhelming and daunting as they navigate a new work environment, get to know a new team and think about how they will prepare for and pass the registration assessment at the end of the year!

We know that a good induction period can make all the difference between a successful pre-registration training year and an unsuccessful one.  That’s why our team have decided to support trainees and tutors during the first few weeks of training by launching an online induction training programme.  The programme will support trainees by making the transition from pharmacy student into pre-registration training as seamless as possible and aims to give them a head start to the year. 

The induction period will serve the two fold purpose of ensuring trainees start their training with confidence, as well as taking some of the pressure off managers by supporting them to deliver some of the key learning requirements that are best taught at the start of the year.

Topics including; effective work-based learning, meeting performance standards, working as part of a team, minor ailments, working over the counter as well as mental health awareness at work will be covered during the induction, through a series of online webinars and accompanying guides and resources.

We know that this induction training is going to make a huge difference to trainees start of the year.  All trainees need to do to gain access to this FREE induction programme is sign up as normal to the ProPharmace Pre-Registration Programme before the deadline on 6th July 2020. 

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