Sponsoring Overseas Students

For The Pre-Registration Training Year


We understand that some pharmacies have difficulties finding suitable candidates for the pre-registration year at their pharmacy. To make things easier, we have teamed up with regulated UK immigration service specialists to provide a legal service that supports both pre-registration trainees and pharmacy managers to ensure the smooth recruitment of candidates.

Application Process


How to Become a Licenced Sponsor

We will assist your business to apply to the Home Office to become a Licenced Sponsor to enable you to recruit staff from outside the EU. Once issued, the Sponsor Licence is valid for four years, after which it can be renewed for a further four years.

Your business will then be entitled to apply to recruit overseas workers, providing they meet the UK Immigration requirements and formalities at that time. Based on business needs and the availability of suitably qualified local workers, you will have the opportunity to recruit one or more staff from overseas. You will need to request an allocation of Certificates of Sponsorship from the Home Office at the time of application.

Application review

Once you have decided to proceed, you will be provided with a list of documents you will need to support your application.

These documents will be reviewed and, if they comply with the Home Office’s requirements, will form the basis of your application.

Further information on the application process and submission will be provided by the specialist immigration lawyers with whom we work.

Please note that following submission of your application, the Home Office may visit your premises to establish if your Human Resources record-keeping meets their requirements.  

Finally, rest assured the whole process, from start to finish, will be managed on your behalf by the specialist immigration lawyers, leaving you to focus on running your business.



 The Home Office stated target decision making time for Sponsor Licence applications is 4-8 weeks. Once approved, you will be able to recruit candidates from overseas

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