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About the course

This workshop is an interactive learning experience for tutors and aims to give tutors the opportunity to interact with our team of trainers as well as other tutors. The workshop is typically structured to cover two core elements: an introduction to the essentials of a pre-registration tutor role and a series of simulated scenarios. These simulations serve the two-fold purpose of engaging tutors in peer-observation and review and in self-reflection activities. Workshops are arranged, for convenience, in the evenings or over the weekend.

The workshop is for tutors new to the role and looking to gain a practical understanding of the requirements of this undertaking; it is also a highly useful tool for experienced tutors looking to enhance their practice and/or seeking to become ProPharmace Accredited Tutors.

Key features


This workshop will give tutors the opportunity to:

  • Interact with peers and share their experiences and expertise
  • Apply tutoring skills in a facilitated learning environment with the support of experienced ProPharmace Trainers and gain some valuable insights from them particularly in relation to practical matters.
  • Benefit from engaging in two highly-regarded learning practices – peer-observation and self-reflection.



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