Practice Supervisor Programme

Who is this programme for:

The Practice Supervisor Training Programme is open to all pharmacy professionals who supervise trainees in any sector of pharmacy within the region. This programme is ideal for a practice supervisor who is responsible for overseeing trainees work and providing developmental feedback during a specified period of training supporting learners to identify opportunities for learning within the workplace and provide supervision on a day-to-day basis.

How is the programme delivered?

The programme includes five modules. Four of the modules are delivered via flexible online learning whilst one of the modules will run as a live event which you will be able to book once you enrol on to the programme.


1 Practice Supervision

2 Learning and Teaching Style

3 Giving Effective Feedback

4 Facilitating Learning

5 Developing as a Practice Supervisor (This is an online live training day that runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm)

What are the programmes key features?

    • Flexible learning allowing you to complete within a 3-6 month period
    • The opportunity to Join Peer discussions enabling you to share best practice with other learners and programme facilitators
    • Choose between video and audio learning to suit your learning style
    • Access to a wealth of resources and the opportunity to get certified

Requirements for Assessment & Certification:

  • In order to successfully complete the programme and get certified you will be required to:

    • Pass online assessments at the end of each module Complete an E-Portfolio
    • Complete evaluation forms about the programme