Educational Supervisor Programme

Who is this programme for:

The Educational Supervisor Training Programme is open to all pharmacy professionals who supervise trainees in any sector of pharmacy within the region. This programme is ideal for any educational supervisor who is responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specified trainee’s educational agreement, progress, formal assessment and sign off during a period of training, placement, or a series of placements. For example, designated supervisors supervising Foundation trainee pharmacists. Supervisors of Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technicians 

How is the programme delivered?

The programme includes five modules. Four of the modules are delivered via flexible online learning whilst one of the modules will run as a live event which you will be able to book once you enrol on to the programme.


1 Educational Supervision

2 Educational Theories

3 Giving Effective Feedback

4 Assessment and Monitoring

5 Trainees Requiring Additional Support (This is an online live training day that runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm)

What are the programmes key features?

  • Flexible learning allowing you to complete within a 3-6 month period
  • The opportunity to Join Peer discussions enabling you to share best practice with other learners and programme facilitators
  • Choose between video and audio learning to suit your learning style
  • Access to a wealth of resources and the opportunity to get certified

Requirements for Assessment & Certification:

  • In order to successfully complete the programme and get certified you will be required to:

    • Pass online assessments at the end of each module 
    • Complete an E-Portfolio
    • Complete evaluation forms about the programme