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In response to a recent call to enhance the provision and practice of pre-registration training, ProPharmace have launched a Tutor Accreditation Programme. This launch comes in an effort to give tutors the opportunity to get certified and maintain high quality training provision.


It is a training and support programme for pre-registration tutors that is made up of a number of components.

Who is it for?

It is for pre-registration tutors who are seeking to acquire a seal of quality for their own personal and professional development and growth.

Gaining the title of ProPhramce accredited tutor will go a long way to show a tutor’s commitment not only to improving their own performance as pre-registration tutors, but also to highlighting their ability to achieve and maintain high quality training provision.

Accredited tutors will receive a badge and certificate. 


What are the components of the Tutor Accreditation Programme?

  • Attend a ProPharmace Tutor Training Workshop (development session/refresher)
  • Take part in peer observations that address elements of the tutor role and particularly the Tutor-Trainee dynamic and relationship.
  • Complete the ProPharmace Online Tutor Training Programme.
  • Successfully pass assessments of this programme.
  • Submit evaluation forms (tutor self-evaluation, training site evaluations, role evaluations)
  • Submit trainee evaluations of tutor, training site and role.
  • Submit evidence of CPD relevant to the tutoring role.

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