Welcome to the ProPharmace Online Paper 1 Assessment

Here are a few instructions to read before you begin:
⦁ This online assessment contains 40 GPhC  style questions, designed for your own learning and practice.
⦁ Whilst practising the ProPharmace questions we recommend you use an approved calculator as specified by the GPhC. Here are the approved calculators:

Casio MX 8B-WE / MX-8B
Aurora HC133
Aurora DT210

⦁ Unless specified, give all your answers in figures, to the nearest whole number.
⦁ Do not write the units in the answer box or it will result in an incorrect answer.
⦁ For the actual assessment you will be required to place your answers in individual boxes (as shown below), bearing in mind the decimal place and units mentioned in the question.

⦁ Once you attempt the questions and submit your answers, you will be able to see if your answers were correct or not. You will also see a video with the step by step method on how to get the correct answer.
⦁ There is no limit to the number of attempts you may wish to do the calculation questions.
⦁ In your GPhC registration assessment the resources will be in a separate booklet with the logo next to the question paper to indicate that you may find the resource pack provided useful.
⦁ For questions that show the resource logo, click the ‘resources’ button to access the resource.

 When you are ready, click ‘start now’ below.

Best of luck!

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