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Pharmacy Managers

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GPhC Inspections

Since the launch of the GPhC’s new approach to inspections, ProPharmace has taken a leading role in developing resources and supporting pharmacy managers and teams prepare for the inspections. There are currently hundreds of pharmacists using our GPhC Inspection Manual and training tools developed in partnership with Avicenna, and many pharmacies have benefited from our Mock Inspection Service. The inspections carried out by our team of experienced pharmacists have achieved excellent results with pharmacies achieving a “good” rating when they have come under the scrutiny of the GPhC inspector.

Why should I conduct a mock inspection?

It is important to note that the purpose of a mock inspection isn’t restricted to identifying potential regulatory compliance issues, but to provide you with a quality assurance process, where your pharmacy team will build confidence from the experience, and perform better in the real inspection. So far every pharmacy team that we have delivered a mock inspection to has found it extremely beneficial and motivating, as well as an invaluable tool for improving standards within the pharmacy. Some pharmacy managers have been utilizing this service as a means of checking how good their pharmacy is at complying with standards, others are requesting mock inspections as they have already received a notification from the GPhC that they will be inspected shortly and require support in knowing how to prepare and what to expect. In any case, making use of our comprehensive mock inspection service can help to raise standards in your pharmacy, improve the performance of both your staff and your business, as well as assist you in delivering a safe and efficient service to your patients and customers.

What does the service include?

As part of the service, one of our team members will arrange a convenient time to visit your pharmacy and carry out the mock inspection. The mock inspection will simulate a real inspection but following this, feedback will be given to individual team members as well as the pharmacy manager. A summary report of the mock inspection findings will then be written up and provided along with an Action Plan that outlines the standards which the pharmacy team should be focusing on in order to comply with the GPhC requirements.

As this is a bespoke service, the time spent in the pharmacy depends on the pharmacy being inspected, although we anticipate an inspection lasts up to 5 hours, our inspectors have been spending extra time coaching team members and managers where needed to make sure they gain the most from the service.

How much does this service cost?

A mock inspection costs £400 plus VAT, this includes the Report and Action Plan which will be provided after the mock inspection takes place.