Please note the following when completing this Calculations Test:

  • We recommend you spend approximately 3 minutes per question in this test.
  • On the exam day, you may only use an approved make and model of calculator as specified by the GPhC. Therefore whilst practising the ProPharmace questions use an approved calculator.
  • Unless specified, give all your answers in figures, to the nearest whole number.
  • Do not write the units in the answer box or it will result in an incorrect answer.
  • Once you attempt the question and submit your answer, you will be able to see if your answer was correct or not at the end of the test by clicking ” View Questions “.
  • For your actual exam you will be required to place your answers in individual boxes (as shown below), bearing in mind the decimal place and units mentioned in the question.

  • In your GPhC registration assessment, the resources will be in a separate booklet with the logo next to the question paper to indicate that you may find the resource pack provided useful. 

We wish you the best of luck and every success!


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