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We are delighted to announce the launch of two new training programmes commissioned by Health Education England to ensure that Educational Supervisors and Practice Supervisors are trained, competent and confident to provide support and developmental aid to pharmacy trainees. These programmes are suitable for all Educational and Practice Supervisors in any sector of pharmacy across London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, South West, Thames Valley & Wessex 
but will also serve as a useful refresher for existing Supervisors.

About the Programmes

Each of the programmes include five modules that have been mapped to the HEE London and South East Pharmacy Educational Supervisor and Practice Supervisor Frameworks. Four of the modules are delivered via flexible online learning whilst one of the modules will run as a live event which you will be able to book via your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) once you enrol on to the programme.

Programme Key Features

Assessment & Certification

In order to successfully complete the programme and get certified you will be required to:


• The training programmes are open to all Educational and Practice Supervisors supporting trainees within London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex South West, Thames Valley & Wessex.

• The Educational Supervisor Training Programme is open to all pharmacy professionals who tutor trainees in any sector of pharmacy within the region

• The Practice Supervisor Training Programme is open to all Practice Supervisors that conduct and deliver training to trainees within specific rotations and placements. This programme is also open to pharmacy support staff who have completed their Level 2 Apprenticeship for pharmacy support staff or equivalent

Once you complete the application form, you will receive an email with details of your programme start date and follow on instructions for logging onto your ProPharmace Virtual Learning Environment.

The Educational Supervisor (ES) is responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specified trainee’s educational progress during a period of training, placement, or a series of placements. The ES is also responsible for the trainee’s educational agreement. This will include formal assessment and sign off.

The Practice Supervisor (PS) role is important within the workplace. The PS is responsible for overseeing trainees work and providing developmental feedback during a specified period of training. Their role includes supporting learners to identify opportunities for learning within the workplace and provide supervision of trainees on a day-to- day basis.

You are advised to discuss the choice of programme with your line manager/Educational Programme Director. If you are still unsure about which is most suitable for your learning requirements, a ProPharmace learning advisor would be happy to assist you.

Once you enrol on to the programme, you can book onto the live sessions by accessing Module 5 in your VLE.

  • There are 5 modules in total with 13 mandatory lessons to complete
  • The on-demand lessons range from 20 – 40 minutes
  • The live session in Module 5 will be delivered virtually due to current restrictions and will last 5-6 hours (this is subject to change and learners will be informed in advance)
  • In total the programmes include 17 hours of guided learning and approximately 15-20 hours of self-directed learning, including peer learning and completion of assessments.
  • The programme has been designed to be flexible allowing you to login to your VLE at a time that is convenient for you. You can choose to complete the programme in a 3-month or 6-month plan and will be prompted to complete lessons and assessments to ensure you complete the programme on time in order to get certified.

  • The requirement for joining the programme is to complete all modules, including the associated assessments and evaluation forms. This is outlined in the programme terms and conditions. If you face any difficulties with completing the programme, ProPharmace do provide learner support. You are advised to inform a ProPharmace learning advisor about your circumstances as soon as possible to discuss what support you may require.

  • The programme has been developed to ensure flexibility. The 6 month plan provides more than enough time to complete the programme. However, if you experience any difficulties, ProPharmace will offer support to learners and you are advised to notify a ProPharmace Learning Advisor about your circumstances as soon as possible if you feel that you may require an extension. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may involve a discussion with your line manager/Educational Programme Director.

  • Individuals are able to select individual modules depending on learning needs. If your manager/Educational Programme Director has approved this, please email with your request. Please note you will only receive a certificate of completion for the Module you have completed and passed the assessment for.

  • The ProPharmace VLE includes a 24-hour, 7 days a week IT Support ticketing system. You simply have to submit a ticket and support will be on its way!

Applications Are Now Open

If you are not from the regions stated and wish to apply to Supervisor Training please register your interest

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