Virtual Learning Environment


Day 1: Induction & Community Pharmacy

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Day 2: Clinical Pharmacy

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Day 4: Clinical Pharmacy

This day will include a full Mock Calculations Assessment. Workshops on day 4 will include ‘Infections’, a high weighting therapeutic area and the ‘Genito-Urinary System’ a medium weighting therapeutic area. Workshops will include analysis and interpretation of case studies and discussing how medicines should be optimised to achieve the best patient outcomes.


Day 5: Clinical Pharmacy

Day 5 covers the ‘Endocrine System’, a high weighting therapeutic area, which includes identifying and discussing case studies on Diabetes and Thyroid conditions and longterm condition management. The day also includes a practical workshop on insulin devices, as well as using resources effectively and interpreting information from a number of resources that will appear in the GPhC registration assessment.

Day 6: First Aid Training

Day 6 is a practical training day in which you will be required to demonstrate an awareness of first aid skills and knowledge in line with GPhC performance standard C.2.10. At the end of the day you will receive your certificate in First Aid.

Day 7: Law & Ethics

This day focuses on Law and Ethics, with various workshops to develop an understanding of the laws and acts that affect the practice of pharmacists. Concepts of ethical decision making, liability, accountability and professional responsibility will also be covered on this day, as well as legal requirements associated with responsible pharmacist regulations and CD regulations.

Day 9: Exam Preparation

On the final day of the programme performance on the mock assessment will be reviewed and exam techniques and revision tips in preparation for the GPhC registration assessment will be discussed. The day will also provide the opportunity to identify further learning needs and will enable exploration of learning points from previous sittings of the GPhC registration assessment whilst practicing exam style questions.