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Instructions for Calculations Mock Assessment


  • This mock assessment has been developed to support you with preparing for the GPhC registration assessment.
  • There are 20 questions in this online assessment
  • The time allowance for this paper is 60 minutes
  • You will score one mark for each correct answer, no marks will be deducted for incorrect answers or omissions.
  • Answer the questions as though you were a pharmacist, not a trainee pharmacist
  • For each question, please enter your numerical answer in the box provided WITHOUT the units. For example, if the answer is 5.4mL, write only 5.4 without the units. Writing the units will result in an incorrect answer. You do not need to use a space or a comma for thousands.
  • Unless specified, give all your answers to the nearest whole number
  • Use a GPhC approved calculator for this mock.
  • Goodluck with your assessment
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