Pre-registration Training Site Approval

If you would like to provide Pharmacist Pre-Registration Training at your pharmacy, you will need to gain approval from the GPhC. Approval involves submitting the “approval to provide pre-registration training form” to the GPhC, together with a training plan mapped to the performance standards showing how you will meet the scheme requirements. The training plan should also show how you will give trainees the opportunity to meet the performance standards and outcomes set out in the Pre-Registration manual.

We provide an efficient and straightforward premises approval service that includes provision of the ProPharmace GPhC approved training plan tailored to your pharmacy, completion of your application form and submission to the GPhC.

  Please note, pharmacies wishing to renew their training site may wish to only request the training plan.

Full Pre-Registration Training Site Approval Service

 Includes Tailored Training Plan

 Submission to GPhC

 Confirmation of Approval

 Price £50 + VAT

ProPharamce Pre-Registration Tailored Training Plan

 Includes Tailored Training Plan

Price £25 + VAT

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