PRE-Registration Training

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Our Pre-registration Training PROGRAMMEs

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It is essential that trainees completing their training in a multi-sector training site have the opportunity to attend a training programme that covers the key learning outcomes that are expected of pre-registration trainees in General Practice and Community Pharmacy. This programme is applicable in a way that allows trainees to develop their roles effectively and successfully practice in both settings.  The programme is mapped to the GPhC registration assessment framework, meets key performance standards and includes all the tools and resources required to pass the registration assessment. 

Day 1


  • Introduction to working in General Practice & the Multidisciplinary Team
  • Calculations Part 1
  • Minor Ailments
  • Consultation Skills & working with community pharmacy
  • Practice Exam Questions

Day 2


  • Calculations Part 2
  • Clinical Topics: Cardiovascular Disease Case Studies
  • Hypertension: diagnosis, review & basic clinical examinations
  • Medicines Reconciliation & Transfer of Care
  • Responding to medicines related queries
  • Practice Exam Questions

Day 3


  • Calculations Part 3
  • Clinical Topics: Respiratory System Case Studies: Asthma & COPD Diagnosis & Review
  • Clinical History taking and record keeping
  • Practice Exam Questions

Day 4


  • Paper 1 Mock Exam
  • Clinical Topics: Infections & AMR
  • Contraceptives & HRT
  • Introduction to AUDIT, Quality Improvement & prescribing safety
  • Practice Exam Questions


Day 5


  • Clinical Topics: Diabetes
  • Interpretation of blood test results
  • Structured Medication Reviews
  • Polypharmacy and deprescribing
  • Multi-morbidity & Medicines optimisation

Day 6


  • First Aid Training

Day 7


  • Legal & Regulatory Framework in General practice
  • GPhC Standards & Guidance
  • Responsible Pharmacist Regulations
  • CD Regulations
  • Decision making

Day 8


Mock Exam Paper 1
Mock Exam Paper 2

Day 9


  • Paper 1 Review
  • Paper 2 Review
  • GPhC Learning Points
  • Keep Up to Date

Key Features

Personalised Virtual Learning Environment

Trainees will have access to a Virtual Learning Environment that includes a wealth of resources as well as pre-work to ensure they are well prepared for their training days. The VLE also includes leadership boards to kick start some healthy competition amongst the 500 trainees enrolled on the programme.

Online assessments

As well as the assessments carried out throughout the year during the training sessions, trainees will have access to online assessments which they can complete in their own time to provide further practice and support.

Tutor Feedback & post training action Plans

We believe that tutors should be involved in their trainee learning journey. For this reason, we provide feedback to our tutors after each training session to keep them informed about the objectives and competencies completed on the day, test results, as well as questions and scenarios.

Video Learning

Video learning solutions enable a more tailored approach for trainees to practice at their own pace in order to build their confidence in the steps needed to achieve the correct answer in their calculations online practice.

What our students say


Expert Trainers

Our expert trainers have one thing in common; they are passionate about supporting pre-registration trainees

Track record

We’ve been delivering pre-registration since 2006. With over 500 trainees currently enrolled on our programmes, we are one of the leading pre-registration training providers in the UK

Exclusive Tools & Resources

We invest in new content and digital learning tools each year to give trainees the best chance of passing the registration assessment

High Quality

We are committed to delivering a high quality training experience with content mapped to the GPhC framework, up-to- date and evidence based

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. ProPharmace mock exams, as well as regular assessments, are all included as part of the programme.

ProPharmace is a recognised training provider and is RPS accredited which means trainees can be confident that they will receive a high-quality training experience. As we have been supporting trainees for many years, we understand the difficulties trainees and tutors face during the pre-reg year. 

Our training is delivered in a way that ensures trainees receive all the support they need to pass the registration assessment. By supporting tutors we ensure that the training received in the pharmacy complements the training that they receive on our programme. Through the provision of training plans, tools and resources we are also able to support trainees in their in-house training experience.  

It is important that every pre-registration training site works with a recognised training provider. Our research into supporting pre-registration trainees has shown that trainees who are not enrolled on a training programme miss out on key learning opportunities which you may not be able to cover in a pharmacy setting.

As a training provider, we work with both tutors and trainees to ensure that the pre-registration training year is successful and that trainees are supported with high quality training provision that fulfils the requirements of the GPhC registration assessment framework and prepares you for the registration assessment.

Most pharmacy managers will not have the time or resources to ensure you are ready for the registration assessment as this requires regular exam practice, up-to-date resources and an understanding of the GPhC registration assessment. Being enrolled on a high-quality training programme, you can be reassured that you will be well supported.

Yes, we offer pharmacies a service to assist with them in becoming approved by the GPhC to provide pre-registration training. We also provide tutor training and support for ensuring they offer a high-quality training experience.

If you would like us to get in touch with a pharmacy where you wish to complete your training please contact us.

No pre-registration training programme guarantees a pass, but we are confident that if trainees attend our programme and follow our guidance they will be in the best position to pass the registration assessment.

Every trainee who joins our programme is guaranteed a high-quality training experience.  We have a very high success-rate and a track record of 13 years of supporting pre-registration trainees. We are also trusted to work in partnership with a number of Pharmacy Schools to run their pre-registration training programmes.

Our pass rate has been consistently above the national average. What’s important to know is that trainees who do not pass on their first attempt are not left unsupported. We build rapport with our trainees so they feel confident to come back for further support from ProPharmace. Whether this is through our Fast Track programme or online programmes, we keep in touch with trainees who face difficulties and support them where needed..

Do you want to discuss your pre-reg learning journey?

Or are you ready to apply?

Or are you ready to apply?

Do you want to discuss your pre-reg learning journey?

Or are you ready to apply?

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