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  • Registration Assessment

    Registration Assessment - Part 1 Calculations

    When you sit the registration assessment, you will be asked to declare the following before you start:

    • You are fit to sit the assessment.
    • You agree to read the information provided on the next instruction screen before beginning your assessment. Your assessment time will not start until after you have read this.
    • You are to be bound by the registration assessment regulations.
    • There are no devices, equipment, information, or resources present on your person, accessible to you, or within the vicinity of your workstation other than stationery and equipment specified by the GPhC. No mobile phones, cameras, devices with communication functionality or smart technology, watches, or any other electronic devices of any kind are permitted.

    I accept these terms

    Important information about your mock assessment

    • This mock assessment has been developed to support you with preparing for the GPhC registration assessment.
    • There are 40 questions in this online assessment.
    • The time allowance for this paper is 120 minutes, unless you have requested adjustments, and the increased time has been allocated to you.
    • You will score one mark for each correct answer, no marks will be deducted for incorrect answers or omissions.
    • For each question, please enter your numerical answer in the box provided using only numbers and a decimal point WITHOUT the units. For example, if the answer is 5.4mL, write only 5.4 without the units. Writing the units will result in an incorrect answer. You do not need to use a space or a comma for thousands. So, for example, if you have calculated the answer to be two hundred thousand, enter it into the answer box as: 200000.
    • An online calculator is available within the online assessment or the following GPhC approved calculators can be used for this mock:
      • Aurora HC133
      • Aurora DT210
      • Casio MX-8S-WE (also known as MX-8S)
      • Casio MX 8B-WE / MX 8B
    • You should answer all registration assessment questions as though you are a pharmacist.
    • You may use a pen and paper for rough workings.
    • The abbreviations used in the registration assessment are listed in the assessment framework and are available by clicking on the abbreviations button below.

    Technical Instructions:

    • Ensure you are using Google Chrome as a browser to sit this assessment.
    • You are required to use a computer or laptop. An iPad or phone will limit your experience.
    • You will only have 1 attempt to sit this assessment so please ensure that your internet connection is reliable and uninterrupted before starting the assessment.
    • Once you start the assessment you can adjust your learning experience according to your preference using the accessibility tool on the right.
    • All question numbers will appear at the left of your screen.
    • Questions will appear dark blue before answering.
    • Questions will appear grey once they have been answered.
    • You can flag questions you want to return to later. To flag a question, click on the flag at the bottom of the screen. If you flag a question for review, a frame will appear around the question number in your question panel. If you wish to unflag the question, click on the flag again and the frame will be removed.
    • To highlight text: click on the yellow highlighter pen at the top of the screen so it becomes a bright yellow – then highlight and double click the text you wish to highlight.
    • The Previous and Next buttons on the bottom of the screen will be available throughout the assessment.
    • At any point in the assessment, you can see how much time you have remaining on the screen.
    • A progress bar at the top of the screen will show you how much of the assessment you have completed.
    • For questions that show the resource logo, click on the logo and the resource will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    • An on-screen calculator will be available. The calculator button will appear in the bottom left hand corner.
    • Symbol Use or Interpretation
      Flag Icon Flag a question to return to later
      Accessibility Icon Accessibility tool: amend font size, contrast, and colour
      Unanswered Icon Unanswered question (dark blue)
      Answered Icon Answered question (grey)
      Flagged Question Flagged question (red dotted border)
      Highlighter Icon Highlighter: click this tool to make it bright yellow then highlight and double click the text you wish to highlight
      Calculator Icon Onscreen calculator
      Submit Icon Click to submit your answers and finish the assessment
    • This Assessment must be completed in 120 minutes (the appropriate extra time has been added if you have requested a reasonable adjustment).
    • The submit and end exam button is available throughout the assessment in the top right-hand corner. Make sure you click submit before the timer reaches zero. Failure to do so may result in your score not being registered.
    • The submit and end exam button will complete your attempt at this assessment. Only submit once you are happy with your answers or you are about to run out of time.

    By clicking the "Start" button, your attendance for this mock assessment will be confirmed, and a 2-hour timer will commence. Please ensure full readiness before initiating the assessment.

    For optimal performance, use a desktop or laptop computer with a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection. Verify that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. Note that mobile devices or tablets are not compatible with this assessment. Please be aware that any internet disconnection during the assessment will result in a score not being registered and 0 grading.

    This Assessment must be completed in 120 minutes.

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