Instructions for joining the Oriel workshop on 7th July 2021

The workshop will be delivered via zoom, and this is the page that you will need to access to join the session on the day. Please ensure you read the following instructions carefully to make the most of the workshop and set up for the day correctly. 

1)  The link to join the workshop will be available on this page from 9:30am on Wednesday 7th July 2021

2) The workshop will start promptly at 10am and is expected to conclude by 1pm please ensure you join the waiting room by 9:45am to allow time for verification of your name

3) Signing into the live workshop with your Full Name is essential. If you do not have your full name displayed you will not be entered into the session.

4) Please ensure you are in a quiet place to maximise your learning experience. Remain muted unless prompted. You are encouraged to turn your camera on.

5) Please use a computer or laptop to sign into the session. Joining with your mobile phone will limit your experience.

6) If you have any technical difficulties on the day, please submit a support ticket via the blue button in the bottom right hand corner of our website, which looks like this, this will ensure that our IT team responds promptly. 

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Finally, enjoy yourself! We are excited to meet you virtually and support you in your Oriel preparation journey.

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