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The ProPharmace Livestream Pre-registration Training Programme

The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a big impact on how training organisations deliver training. One things for sure, learning never stops, more than ever we need impactful learning solutions to accelerate learning. During the pandemic we were determined not to let COVID-19 impact our learners. Transferring our events to livestream training days and online webinars generated outstanding feedback and requests to run our full programme as a livestream option.

We have learned that the option for running livestream events, does not only serve well during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is also an excellent option for those who may have circumstances that would prevent them from attending our face to face events. 

We  are therefore delighted to launch our livestream pre-registration training programme which can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any device. 

The training programme takes place over 8 training days, and covers all the key elements of the registration assessment framework, take a look at the timeline below.

Day 1

  • Calculations Part 1
  • Responding to Symptoms
  • Clinical Decision Making & Differential Diagnosis
  • Skin Conditions


Day 1 Workbook

Calculations Workbook

Responding to Symptoms Guide

Day 2

  • Calculations Part 2
  • Gastro-intestinal System
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Registration Assessment Practice Questions


  • Calculations Workbook part 2
  • High Risk Drugs Guide
  • Laboratory Test Results Guide
  • Key Drug Interactions Guide
  • Introduction to BNF webinar
  • BNF Guide
  • BNF C Guide

Day 3

  • Calculations Part 3
  • Respiratory System
    • -Asthma Case Study
    • -COPD Case Study
    • -Inhaler Technique
  • Nervous System
    • -Depression and Epilepsy Case Study
    • -Antipsychotics and Schizophrenia Case Study
  • Registration Assessment Practice


  • Calculations Workbook part 3
  • Public Health and Policy Guide
  • Consultation Skills Guide

Day 4

  • Paper 1 Calculations Mock Assessment
  • Acute Kidney Injury Summary
  • Infections
    •   -Antibiotics Guide
    •   -Sepsis Case Study
  • Palliative Care
  • Registration Assessment Practice


  • Day 4 Workbook
  • Acute Kidney Injury Guide
  • Calculations Videos

Day 5

  • Endocrine System
    •   -Diabetes
    •   -Insulin Device Demonstration
    •   -Thyroid conditions
  • Genito-urinary tract system
    •   -Contraceptives
    •   -HRT
  • Using resources effectively
  • Immune System and malignant disease

Blood and Nutrition


Day 5 Workbook

Diabetes Treatment Guide

Day 6

  • Law & Ethics including
    •   -GPhC Standards & Guidance
    •   -Data Protection
    •   -Confidentiality and Consent
    •   -Responsible Pharmacist
    •   -Dealing with complaints
    •   -Emergency Supply
    •   -Controlled drugs
    •   -Waste Management
    •   -Veterinary Medicines

Registration Assessment Practice Questions


  • Day 6 Workbook
  • Clinical Topics Assessment
  • EPS module
  • MEP Guide

Day 7

Mock Exam


The Mock Exam

Day 8-9

  • Full paper 1 and 2 Review
  • GPhC Learning Points

Keep up to Date


Answers to the Mock Assessment
Exam Tips

Course Features



We invest in new content and digital learning tools each year to give trainees the best chance of passing the registration assessment


Our expert trainers have one thing in common; they are passionate about supporting pre-registration trainees


We’ve been delivering pre-registration since 2006. With over 500 trainees currently enrolled on our programmes, we are one of the leading pre-registration training providers in the UK

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The ProPharmace Livestream Pre-registration Training Programme

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