Pharmacist Return to Practice Programme

A Welcome Message

Welcome to the Return to Practice Programme for Community Pharmacists

First, I want to thank you for putting yourself forward to join the frontline of pharmacy professionals who are working under immense pressure during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  Working during the pandemic is a new and challenging experience for everyone.  As a pharmacy training provider, our mission is to develop specialised learning programmes for the pharmacy workforce and during this difficult time we are determined to offer our support.

We are therefore pleased to present to you this programme which focuses on delivering some of the key knowledge requirements for working in a community pharmacy setting during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is delivered in the form of five on demand webinars to help accelerate your learning and reach those with the most imperative need for training.

I would like to remind you that the pandemic is an evolving situation and that guidance presented in these webinars may be subject to further changes. So it is important to stay up to date using the links provided at the end of each webinar.  I do hope that this programme will be beneficial for your practice and that you will make the most of this learning opportunity.

If you require any support with the programme, please contact us on our dedicated pandemic email; Thank you once again, keep safe and from myself and the ProPharmce team I would like to wish you all the very best.

Noma Al-Ahmad

ProPharmace Managing Director


Course Outline

Introduction to Covid-19

Webinar 1

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Professional and Legal Practice

Webinar 2

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Controlled Drugs

Webinar 3

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Emergency Supplies

Webinar 4

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Webinar 5

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A responding to symptoms guide

Here is a guide you may find useful when responding to common symptoms you may encounter in practice.

This programme has been developed in Partnership with the Pharmacy Defence Association

Key Updates

Update on new legislation relating to controlled drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic
Since recording these webinars, the Commission of Human Medicines (CHM)Expert Working Group on coronavirus (COVID-19) has concluded that there is currently insufficient evidence to establish a link between use of ibuprofen, or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and susceptibility to contracting COVID-19 or the worsening of its symptoms.

Patients can  therefore take paracetamol or ibuprofen when self-medicating for symptoms of COVID-19. The full guidance can be found at the following link

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