My Cohort

3 months


Course Progression

Meet The Team

Noma Al-Ahmad

Amira Guirguis

Rebecca Chamberlain

Pam Bahia

Marc Miell

My Modules

Module 1

Introduction to Educational

Module 2

Assessing & Monitoring
your Trainee

Module 3

Trainees Requiring
Additional Support

Ready to get certified?

To get certified as an Educational Supervisor you will be required to complete the following assessments. To find out how to complete each of the assessments please refer to the handbook or watch the short video below.

Peer Observation

Reflective Account

Join the Supervisor Network/study group

Join the Supervisor Peer Network (Discord Server)

People who learn together grow together! Joining the supervisor peer network will enable you to connect with other learners on the programme, join a study group or simply hangout! Programme facilitators will also be initiating discussions with you and your fellow learners as well as sharing the latest announcements and updates from the programme.

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