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About the course


The GPhC Pre-registration Tutor Survey highlighted that over half of all tutors expressed interest in training topics for identification and management of a trainee in difficulty; giving effective feedback; and coaching trainees. The ProPharmace Advanced Tutor Training Programme comprising of 10 webinars, is mapped to the GPhC guidance on tutoring, and offers targeted modules in these areas. This RPS accredited programme aims to equip tutors with the knowledge, tools and resources to fulfil their role effectively. The illustration below gives a quick preview of the focus of each of the ten webinars.

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Key features


  • Webinars are available on demand in an easy to follow format and can be accessed at any time from any device allowing you to learn easily and flexibly.
  • The programme is inspired by real case scenarios gleaned from our 11 years of expertise in delivering pre-registration training.
  • A peer-discussion forum allows you to pose questions and discuss your learning with experienced ProPharmace trainers.
  • Fulfil GPhC requirements and complete CPD relevant to your role.
  • Prepare for revalidation by completing a reflective account.
  • Complete the assessment components and become a ProPharmace Certified Tutor.

How much does the programme cost?


The programme is FREE for ProPharmace tutors who have enrolled trainees on the pre-registration training programme and subject to completion of the assessment and evaluation forms.

The cost for non ProPharmace tutors is £90 for 10 months access to the programme.

What are the requirements for completing the programme?


Completing the programme includes:

  • Passing an online assessment.
  • Submitting a reflection log.
  • Completing evaluation forms about the programme.

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How much time will I have to complete the programme?


You will have access to the programme content for 10 months from joining, however you will be prompted to complete the assessment components after 3 months.

To Register for this programme please complete the form by clicking the sign up button below. Registration deadline is July 15th.

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